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Group-based interaction with your very own buddy in communal atmosphere

As a Peer Buddy, you’ll participate in theme-based activities with a group of kids.  You’ll have your very own buddy, and you’ll receive training from an adult Facilitator who will be there to support and guide you along the way!

Here’s what your role will be:

  1. Help come up with ideas for group activities

  2. Meet at the location 15 minutes ahead of time for training

  3. Commit to all 8 one-hour sessions

  4. Teach your buddy essential social skills in a fun, communal atmosphere

  5. Be a mentor to your buddy

Peer Buddies

Check out photos and videos of PeerBuddies in Action!


Here are some videos!


  8 Weeks        1.5 hrs/week           $20 Total


Peer Buddies

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PeerBuddies in Action

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Parents of Peer Buddies

“This experience has been amazing.  I honestly can already see a change in Wyatt with the way he is speaking to adults and his friends.  It seems like he feels a newly found sense of importance and responsibility with this leadership role he has been given.  His manners are also better, and he has been talking a lot about his new buddy.  It’s a win-win situation for sure.  Thank you for coordinating all of this.  It is really an incredible experience for us so far and we will be telling our friends about your organization!”

-- Lynne Sutherland

“I like that my child experienced the challenge of sticking with a commitment.  I liked that my child was valued and praised for her kindness and compassion - rather than for being smartest, or fastest...I appreciated other adults emphasizing the same values I hope to instill in my child - that being inclusive makes the world a better place.  To me, the future of our world depends on valuing each person for who they are, accepting other’s differences, and meeting people halfway when there are other perspectives to consider.”

-- Susan Henry

Peer Buddies

“I loved participating in the social skills group, and I especially enjoyed the variety of activities.  I thought there were lots of options, like sports, crafts, and games which were helpful if a student didn’t want to participate in the activity.  I know that I benefitted greatly from participating in the group - I could go on and on!  I learned so much about working with a non-verbal buddy and new ways to encourage my buddy to use her device.  I learned so much about patience from my Facilitator, Amy, as she was so positive.  I am having so much fun learning from different buddies and Facilitators and I know now that I want to spend the rest of my life doing work like this.  Thank you!”

-- Alyssa Mueller (age 17)