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Group-based social skills intervention in communal atmosphere

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Our Social Skills Groups offer an array of activities for all ages, preK through high school.  Similar to the private sessions, your child will be matched up with a same-aged or slightly older peer who will serve as your child's "buddy" throughout the program.  Your child will participate in group activities that target essential social skills, such as compromising, appropriate conversations, and perspective-taking.  “Themes” such as sports, cooking, arts and crafts, and theater are embedded in each group, and ratios are 4:1 (two pairs of children – one Participant and one Peer Buddy – are overseen by a trained Facilitator). 


Check out photos and videos of PeerBuddies in Action!


Here are some videos!


  8 Weeks        1.25 hrs/week          $50/session

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PeerBuddies in Action

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Parents of Participants

“I really liked that each week there was a different activity such as arts and crafts or an obstacle course.  That made it very fun and exciting for my daughter.  I also appreciated the positive reinforcement for good work on social skills and the “rules” that were part of the program because that helped us to implement those same rules here at home or on the playground.  PeerBuddies benefited my daughter by giving her a caring environment to learn and practice some skills while making new friends of all kinds of backgrounds.  I would definitely recommend the group to others!”

--Cary Davis

“Blair enjoyed herself in the program.  It was nice for her to be able to hang out with someone from her high school.  It was really good for her to get out every Sunday afternoon - to be outside, interacting with peers and not sitting in her room alternating between her iPad and her computer.  She is so content doing that, but was excited to get out to the social skills group.  I have already recommended your program to parents at the high school!”

-- Lynn Rodriguez