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Professional training & supervision as you work with and oversee pairs of children!

As a Facilitator, you will receive training from PeerBuddies® founder, Elika Shahrestani, in how to teach children with special needs social skills using peer-mediated strategies.  You’ll learn how principles of Applied Behavior Analysis are used to promote skills, and then you’ll apply all you’ve learned by working with children on-site during our groups.

Here’s what your role will be:

  1. Attend all 3 training dates

  2. Commit to all 8 Social Skills Group dates (please arrive 30 minutes early and plan on staying 30 minutes afterwards for debrief)

  3. Oversee and train two dyads (“dyad” = 1 child with special needs and his/her Peer Buddy) throughout group

  4. Be a positive role model


Check out photos and videos of PeerBuddies in Action!


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  8 Weeks        1.5 hrs/week               Free



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PeerBuddies in Action

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“My favorite part about being a social skills group Facilitator was watching all the participants improve throughout the program by using the behavior intervention techniques we were trained to use.  The experience of really getting to know and help a child with special needs is truly an uplifting experience.  I would 100% recommend this to any other college student.  It is such a gratifying experience getting to help others first-hand and knowing that you are making a meaningful mark on another person’s life.  I am a happier person now knowing that I was a part of PeerBuddies.”

-- Jonathan Kim

A glimpse into the Facilitator’s role...

Here’s what Facilitators have to say...

-- Kelly Byers