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Private and personalized social skills intervention

    Individualized Itinerary

    Parent Education

Private sessions are individually tailored to meet the needs of your child.  Your child will receive an individualized, six-week itinerary that includes locations and activities that are age-appropriate, socially relevant, and specific to your child’s goals and needs.

Your child and his/her Peer Buddy (same-aged or slightly older peer), along with supervision from PeerBuddies Founder, Elika Shahrestani, will participate in fun, stimulating activities such as playing sports, going to the zoo, making art projects, going on hikes, building sandcastles, baking, and exploring the sea center.  Our Peer Buddies are trained in how to seamlessly teach your child social skills that are specific to your child’s needs, all while having a blast participating in fun activities!

Private sessions occur year-round, and the schedule is based on your availability.


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Here’s what people have to say...

Parents of Participants

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such an inspirational and supportive and engaging role in my child's experience in and away from the camp. For just making such a huge difference in his life. He has enjoyed Anne's involvement so much. He was real down Monday and Tuesday evenings. But after Wednesdays camp day, he returned so much happier and so cheerful. I can't describe the positive impact this whole time has had on our family! We've all gained so much in the process and I cannot thank you and your programs enough. PeerBuddies is one of those life changing events and experience to last a lifetime in our souls. I speak for all of us. With your support and comfort you have touched a lot of hearts along the way!!!!! Thank you to Anne and yourself and all of the teams that helped us.”

--Daniela Robles

“I like how child-centered the decisions were regarding the activities – my son loved each activity.  The bond between my son and his buddy facilitated a great deal of learning for my son, which I also think was facilitated by Elika's great personality, as spectrum kids need to be able to trust /respect the person who mentors them, and Elika's nature and demeanor is one that immediately earns trust.  With a HF Asperger kid like my son, if he feels that he's smarter than the adult, or the adult is going to ask him to do something that is not purposeful, and he doesn't want to do it, he will generally become disengaged.  Therefore, I believe that Elika's stellar personality and attention to details really mattered in the success of this program for my son.  My son’s Peer Buddy was a perfect match for him - again, my son respected him.  I've seen a difference in my son’s interactions with kids - he's doing a soccer camp, and I think he is taking with him the lessons learned from our last session.”

--Parent of Participant

“Prior to participating in the PeerBuddies program, Angel had very little eye contact with his peers.  After the sessions, we are beginning to see him not only making eye contact, but spontaneously saying “Hi”.   Before PeerBuddies, Angel did not know how to end the activity he was doing and now he is using the “All Done” across the board for everything from eating to ending his computer game.  I can’t thank you enough for allowing Angel to experience such a fabulous program.”

--Cathy Abarca

Parents of Peer Buddies

“What I liked about PeerBuddies was the director was very organized and worked diligently to match our son up with a compatible buddy.  I also really liked that our son helped to plan the itinerary for what activities he and his buddy would participate in.  We were very happy to have our son participate – it was good for him and his buddy.  I have already recommended your program to others!”

--Kamala Parris

“Being a Peer Buddy is a unique learning experience.  My son now has first-hand knowledge about social delays and intervention techniques, but more importantly, he learned just how fun and rewarding it is to help someone learn social skills that may bring more happiness and joy to their life.”

-- Debbie Paras

Peer Buddy Volunteers


Check out some videos!

 6-10 Weeks     1-1.5 hr/wk           $150/hr


LIMITED TIME: Included in this package at no extra cost.

Our Private Sessions Program offers Parent Education sessions, conducted one or two times per package.  Our parent educator will:

  1. Describe your child’s goals in detail and provide strategies to improve their social skills

  2. Prepare you to set up successful play dates

  3. Provide you with an Individualized Data Profile that you can share with other treatment providers

The goal is that by the 6th and final session of the program, you feel empowered to help facilitate social interaction between your child and his/her Peer Buddy.  We’ll provide you with support and encouragement along the way to make the process as seamless and fun as possible!

Parent education at its best


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