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Sports and activities in an inclusive camp setting

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Our Camps offer an array of activities for all ages, preK through high school.  Similar to the private and group sessions, your child will be matched up with a same-aged or slightly older peer who will serve as your child's "buddy" throughout the program.  Your child will participate in group activities that target essential social skills, such as compromising, appropriate conversations, and perspective-taking.  Activities include hikes, team sports, special presentations, and arts and crafts, and ratios are 2:1.

*Please note camps occur for one week in the winter and 4 weeks in the summer only.


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Here’s what people have to say...

Parents of Camp Participants

“Thanks again for the awesome camp.  Such a great experience and you

have such great peer buddies and counselors. We loved the hours, our child’s Peer Buddy, the counselors, and the low ratio for young children.  If I were to change anything, it would be to expand the weeks.  Thanks so much!”

– Sylvia Kim

“Jacob sure did enjoy PeerBuddies camp at Elings.  You did such a wonderful job and he wants to go to another camp when you put one together.  He really had a great time with his buddy; he was a perfect match for him.  He really loved being outside.  I can’t thank you enough for creating a camp for my special needs child.  Finally a camp that he could attend where he felt like he fit in for once, and everyone so kind and understanding.   You and your work are amazing.  Thank you so much.”

– John & Shirley McEntire

“What I liked most about Inclusion Camp was the attention paid to Nico, and the success he felt. The staff were terrific and kept me well informed. They used excellent strategies to get the best out of Nico.”

– Hugh Ranson

“What I loved most about Inclusion camp is the very cheerful, positive, accepting attitude from everyone at the camp.  I would definitely enroll my child in Inclusion Camp again!”

– Terri Bowen

“I knew from our previous correspondence that you have something very unique and special in your PeerBuddies Program but it was even better than I anticipated! This camp was the first really positive group experience Josiah has had in years. He came away feeling accepted, respected and excited! As a parent, that is all I could ask for. Thank you!”

-- Kelly Tyler

“What I liked most about Inclusion camp was the ratios, the buddies, and the fact that my son could not tell who was a buddy and who was a special needs kid; they were all campers to him.  I wouldn’t change anything about future camps, and I would definitely enroll him in inclusion camp again!”

– Joanna Tse

“My daughter Julie liked the camp... the biggest selling point. I liked her buddy, Lillie, and the safety aspect of the one on one attention by the facilitator. Angela was proactive in observing that Julie needs schedules and sticker rewards. Great professionalism.”

– Anne Wells

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such an inspirational and supportive and engaging role in my child's experience in and away from the camp. For just making such a huge difference in his life. He has enjoyed Anne's involvement so much. He was real down Monday and Tuesday evenings. But after Wednesday’s camp day, he returned so much happier and so cheerful.  I can't describe the positive impact this whole time has had on our family! We've all gained so much in the process and I cannot thank you and your programs enough. PeerBuddies is one of those life changing events and experience to last a lifetime in our souls. I speak for all of us.  With your support and comfort you have touched a lot of hearts along the way!!!!!  Thank you to Anne and yourself and all of the teams that helped us.”

– Daniela Robles

Parents of Peer Buddy Volunteers

“Thanks so much for this week. I think this is such a wonderful experience for my kids and I'm so thankful. They're learning so much and I appreciate the opportunity you've given them.”

– Krista Munizich

“I just wanted to say that Bradley had an incredible time working with everyone at the camp. He really loved it. Thank you for the opportunity!”

– Cheryl Ebner

“I loved that everyday my son (Gabe Donovan) came home happy and bubbling over with excitement.  Gabe had a blast, he told me over and over again how much fun it was.  He played games, did crafts, had snacks, and made a new friend who was also a Jr. at San Marcos.  Hearing Gabe rave about the camp made my summer.  In terms of what I would modify, it was so wonderful, maybe you should do it for more than 2 weeks.  I wish Gabe had participated in more than one week.  I would absolutely enroll Gabe in inclusion camp again. Thank you for giving my son a real camp experience.  Awesome job...and thank you for doing this. It was truly special and touched my heart.”

– Patty Walker

“I think it was a great experience for the "non-special needs" kids. They could see first hand different kinds of people in the world who might not be as fortunate as them in some ways and can offer a different perspective of the world than what they see every day.  When I asked my daughter what she would change about camp, she said “nothing.” My daughter loved the camp. I think part of that is that she is always the "small one" in the family or group and this gives her a chance to be more of a leader and teacher.”

– Emily Harts-Roberts

Peer Buddy Volunteers

“What I liked about Inclusion camp is that me and buddy were allowed to choose what we wanted to do instead of being told to do stuff. We had a great time talking to each other and getting to know each other a lot better. I also think the NFTNs were a great idea. They made everyone feel happy and special knowing that somebody saw what great things they did that day. I would not change anything about camp! I think camp was super fun! From the games to snacks to just hanging out with my buddy. I had an amazing time getting to know everyone at camp. I also learned a lot while I was there. Overall, it was a great experience (I've never done a camp like this one before) and I had a great time. Can't wait to do it again next year!”

-- Erandi De Silva (age 13)

“I loved getting to know all the campers and volunteers on such a personal level. From the activities we did to the free time just hanging out, the atmosphere was almost always positive. I just loved being able to feel so included from day 1 of the camp. I loved everything! I can’t think of anything that would make the camp better. I would love to help at Inclusion camp again. I would be extremely excited! It was seriously an amazing time. Like I said earlier, I felt completely welcomed from day 1, and it was really awesome to feel so included. Thank you for everything!”

– Jack Haley (age 16)

“What I really liked about this camp experience is building a friendship with a child that I would never have probably been friends with before, and you get to build this bond and have this one on one time to talk with them and learn about their interests and their families and it’s a lot of fun!” 

-- Alyssa Mueller (age 16)

“I really like Inclusion Camp because it pairs you one on one with a camper and I feel like you can really connect to the person because they try to pair it up so that you have same interests and you’re the same age.  I really like it because you can find out a lot about a person from just one week at camp.  It gives you a new perspective – they might be dealing with things that you didn’t even know people had and I like it because it gives you a new perspective on how they might see the world.  It’s really fun because you learn different things from the person and they can learn different things about you.”

– Amalie Wilson (age 13) 

“Inclusion Camp is so great because we get to hang out with all these kids and we get to know our buddies really well and we get to have loads of fun playing with everyone else and getting to know how to be a good friend. It’s really fun!”

– Meghan Vincent (age 15)

“This camp is really fun for me because it’s like being an older sibling and you can gain the right knowledge when you get older if you have a friend with special needs.”

– Nicole Roberts (age 10)

“This camp makes you feel good because you know that you’re helping someone.  You do lots of fun stuff here – you have free time, snack time, and presentations, which is really cool, and your Peer Buddies are always happy, and that makes you feel really good.”

– Sutter Munizich (age 13)

UCSB & Westmont Facilitators

“I originally signed up with PeerBuddies because I’m a psychology major and I always wanted to see how it is to work with kids with special needs.  From the experience and from the trainings I got to learn about the different therapeutic techniques such as ABA, and I also got to learn what it’s like to work with kids in the field.  I know for sure now that I would like to work with kids at some point in my career.  This has been a really great experience and I’d like to thank PeerBuddies for giving me this opportunity.”

– Aaron Wertheimer

“My overall experience here at Inclusion Camp was great.  The best part was seeing the improvement within the kids and having a lot of fun with them every day.”

– Christina Ramos

“What I love about this program and working with kids with special needs is that every day is a challenge and yet it’s rewarding.  Every day, I meet new kids, and you never know what you’re going to get but they always surprise you.  What this camp offers is kids making connections and social interactions beyond what they get at school, and I think that’s pretty amazing.”

– Krysta Russo

“This experience was so much fun.  I’m so glad I got to be a part of this unique camp that integrates kids with special needs with typical peers.  I’ve learned so much from it and from the kids!”

– Maria Santos

“I was majoring in psychology and I came to do this and I loved it – absolutely loved it.  I’ve met some amazing kids and teenagers and I recommend it for everyone because I think that it really opened up my eyes to a whole different world.”

– Zyania Lizarraga


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